Deals on the Green

Best practices for mastering business etiquette on the golf course for women.

Take your networking game to the next level!

Join me for the ”Deals on the Green” Lunch & Learn, a class designed for women playing golf with business owners, which will teach you the etiquette and skills you need to succeed on the course.

In 90 minutes we will do a deep dive into various scenarios that take place while engaged in a round of business golf. We will discuss best practices for situations that arise whether playing one on one or in a Charity or Corporate Scramble, and provide solutions for dealing with each.

Topics of Discussion

  • When is it okay to talk business?
  • How to handle a playing partner that cheats?
  • What to do if they ask you to engage in a friendly wager?
  • Should you drink alcohol if you’re trying to close a client?
  • Should you let them win (even if you’re the better player)?
  • And so much more.....

We will also, cover different methods for keeping score and take an in-depth look at rules and etiquette. Participants will walk away from the workshop confident and empowered to accept a client or colleague’s invitation to play golf one on one, or play in a Charity or Corporate Golf Tournament.

Includes Lunch & Workshop Materials.
Call or email to schedule a session for your group or organization.

Course Includes

Includes lunch, workshop materials, and covers rules and etiquette.

Best Practices

Provides solutions for business dealings on the golf course.