Private One on One Course Training - $359

The fastest way to get you ready for a corporate or charity event.

This course is designed for women who can hit a golf ball consistently (meaning make contact with the ball without missing it). This is not to be confused with, can hit the ball beautifully or hit great shots every time, but have had enough instruction or familiarity with the sport to consistently make contact with the ball.


Private on-course training for a single individual

Small Groups

Private on-course instruction for small groups of 2-4 people

Benefits of Private Instruction

The Golf Course venue can be any Local course based on availability and your location. Sessions include Green fees and Cart fees, Continental Breakfast and Lunch. What you get from Private Instruction:

  • 30 minutes Driving Range Practice (includes balls)
  • Private Coaching over 9 Holes of Golf (3 Hours)
  • Golf Club Rentals & Sleeve of Golf Balls
  • Closing wrap-up session (1-1/2 hours)
  • Golf Tips Guide
  • Learn Tee Box Signage & Course Terminology
  • Learn Golf Course Etiquette
  • How to play Scramble Format (used in Charity & Corporate Formats)
  • Scoring, Handicap system & Cart Rules
  • Course Management, Equipment & Accessories

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