The Fusion of Golf and Business Tactics

The Fusion of Golf and Business Tactics

SisterGolf teaches women business professionals how they can use golf as a tool for developing mutually beneficial business relationships, and creating connections for professional advancement in the corporate workplace.

The company is dedicated to empowering women through sports, exploring the myriad of benefits of golf, as well as driving impactful charitable efforts that bring about positive change in the community.

By actively promoting inclusivity and breaking gender barriers, SisterGolf aspires to cultivate a community not of only strong women but also strong women golfers.

SisterGolf’s goals are to build relationships, close more deals, and get promoted.

The women of SisterGolf believe in playing golf to achieve business and career success.

Through private coaching, one-on-one training, and workshops … SisterGolf is all about bettering your business self through the great game of golf.

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