5 Reasons to Pick Up a Golf Club Today

Golf has been given a bad rap in the past for being the lazy man’s sport. This is simply not true.
Anytime you turn on the TV to watch professional golf, you see fit and incredible athletes. Golf is an amazing sport which incorporates cardiovascular, strength training, balance, and mental concentration. It’s a health boost for the inside and out, which can be enjoyed no matter your age, sex, or finances.

Golf is an amazing sport which incorporates cardiovascular, strength training, balance, and mental concentration.

Here are your five amazing reasons to get out swinging today:

  1. Awesome workout – The golf swing alone involves every muscle in the body to make a solid strike at the ball. Although it may not be as intense as running a marathon, the combination of walking up and down hills, carrying your clubs, and swinging the club during the round sure is a good blood pumping workout. During a typical round of golf, players will walk anywhere between 4 to 7 miles, not to mention burning close to 1200 calories for a 4 hour round of golf, not too shabby at all. Another amazing bonus is the use of balance to swing the club. Any time you have to stabilize your body, you use your core muscles in your abs, your lower back, and your glutes. Being able to strengthen these muscles means stronger posture and of course a flatter tummy.
  2. Stress relief – Much like at the gym, your body produces the same stress relieving hormones called endorphins while playing golf. And who wouldn’t want an escape from your everyday stresses from time to time? This game demands your utmost attention to develop a game plan on the course and to swing the club. Having to concentrate on shot after shot gives your mind and body the vacation it may need to relax and recharge for what’s going on in your life. Not to mention, playing golf may increase your life. A recent study of 500,000 golfers in Sweden concluded the average life expectancy increased by five years. This longer life may be a clear result of a happier, less stressful life lived by avid golfers.
  3. You’ll be Happier – There’s a good reason why our mothers were always pushing us to play outside, because it really is good for us. As a society, close to 1 billion people are deficient in Vitamin D. We need Vitamin D to help our bodies absorb calcium for vital bodily functions and to support strong bones. This essential vitamin also prevents depression, osteoporosis, heart disease, and lowers blood pressure. Although, there are supplements for Vitamin D, over-supplementing with this vitamin can actually be toxic for the body. Our body absorbs it best through sun exposure and natural food sources. Twenty minutes outside a couple of times a week is all that’s needed of sun exposure. Getting outside increases energy levels, produces feelings of satisfaction and vitality, relieves tension or anger, and promotes a better night’s sleep.
  4. Fun Family Activity – A family that plays together, stays together. It may seem like a dream that’s out of reach to find an activity that the whole family can enjoy. However, golf allows parents and kids to get outside, have fun, and truly enjoy each other’s company. This game equalizes everyone’s skills, no matter what age or size, everyone has the ability to play and enjoy this game. Teaching this game to your kids at an early age will teach them the importance of honesty, integrity, patience, and respect. What is learned on the course will directly affect their behavior off the course and prepare them for life.
  5. Use it to propel your career – Even if you don’t enjoy golf as a favorite past time, you should consider picking it up for career opportunities alone. Four hours on the golf course is a great way to build rapport with colleagues and your boss. On the course, CEOs can see how prospects and employees handle themselves in stressful and demanding situations. It will expose your true character, test your honesty, and humble even the best athletes. Any time you can spend with your boss in a carefree and relaxing environment which can ultimately promote your career, take it.